Kouzini Bundle

Looking for a taste of Greece? A bit of Everything? Kouzini bundles have you covered! Free shipping on all bundles with code “free25”


Zeus Bundle

Kouzini Zeus bundle consists of our 3L Tin, Traditional balsamic 250 ml, Gold winner Unfiltered 500 ml, Toscano and Honey Chipotle spice.

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Medusa Bundle

Kouzini Medusa Bundle consists of Organic 500ml EVOO, Gold winner Unfiltered 500ml EVOO, Organic 60ml EVOO, Royal fig 60ml balsamic vinegar and Toscano Spice.

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Hercules Bundle

Kouzini Hercules bundle consists of Organic 500 ml EVOO, Unfiltered 500ml EVOO, Original 500ml EVOO, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar 250 ml and Toscano spice.

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Athena Bundle

Kouzini Athena bundle consists of Original 500ml EVOO, Toscano spice, Honey Chipotle spice, Organic 60ml EVOO, Traditional 60ml balsamic vinegar.

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Aristotle Bundle

Kouzini Aristotle bundle consists of Organic 500 ml, Gold winner Unfiltered 500ml and Honey Chipotle spice.

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Aphrodite Bundle

Kouzini Aphrodite bundle consists of Gold winner Unfiltered 500ml, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar 250ml vinegar and Honey Chipotle.

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