We believe that your dishes are only as great as the olive oil in them. Most "extra virgin olive oils" used in restaurants and food manufacturing are poor quality, high acidity, mixed grade oils thrown together from various countries across the Mediterranean. It's been proven- using our high quality Greek extra virgin olive oil and products in meal preparation gives businesses a healthy, distinct edge over the competition. Our loyal chefs and food manufacturers prefer the fresh, aromatic taste of Kouzini olive oil for its versatility in a range of applications- from sautéing and finishing in the kitchen, to large scale sauce production. We'll show you why choosing the freshest Greek Koroneiki olive oil for your ingredients is a win-win for your business and customers. For more information on bulk purchasing, contact Antonios Kasandrinos at +1 (585)-309-2200.


Koutouki- Niagara Falls

Pano's- Buffalo
Alton's- Buffalo
Olympia's- Buffalo
Zoe's- Buffalo
Mediterranean Market- Buffalo
Acropolis- Buffalo
Aladdin's Natural Eatery- Rochester
Voula's Greek Sweets- Rochester
Natural Oasis- Rochester
The Atlantic- Rochester
The Fox- Rochester

Is your "extra virgin" really extra virgin? Contact us today for a sample.

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